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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hopefully we can answer a few questions you may have right here!😊

Not at all! Shared hosting is the most common form of web hosting. A VPS allows a website more resources like a faster connection, more memory to handle increased visitor count and dedicated cores on a powerful CPU to handle more frequent or larger tasks. VPS Hosting is more ideal for higher traffic websites and small businesses.

A Virtual Private Server is a software-managed virtual computer. Super cool! The Dedicated Server it is hosted on runs a ‘Hypervisor’, or host software, that manages these virtual computers. This allows for efficient and cost effective usage of a single server. Some of our servers are hosting 40 virtual computers! Think of a Dedicated Server like an apartment building. Each apartment, or VPS instance belongs to a different person, who needs a key to access it’s contents and they all live in the same building/server.

A VPS also behaves like a regular, physical computer in terms of operation. It can be shutdown, restarted, have a custom OS installed and more! These can be accessed via the Control Panel, SSH or VNC Viewer with your Private IP address and Port.

A Virtual Private Server can be used for a lot of things, not just hosting websites! It’s a cost-effective way to trade crypto currencies, host your Plex library, run your own backup server, or a render farm for After Effects! They are also fantastic for small businesses with a frequently visited online store or a web app.

We have lots of options for operating systems to install as well as CPanel (internal or external license) or just your basic LAMP Stack! (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). All these can be managed through the user-friendly Control Panel and inside whatever OS you decide to install.

Absolutely! Get a hold of our support to take advantage of our FREE transfer services! If you are transferring a CPanel account, or a web site, we are more than happy to help! We can even use a backup image from most other VPS Hypervisors and VMs to import into your new VPS with us. (This does not count against your bandwidth unless over 50GB!)